It’s a New Year for Cake Decorating!

This year could be the year you decide to take some Wilton Cake Decorating classes, get a Cake Decorating degree or start your new Cake Decorating business!  Or it could be the year you start decorating all of your kids birthday cakes or friend’s baby shower cake yourself not only to save you money, but because it is just so much fun!

Whatever the reason you are decorating cakes, this year will be so much fun because there are lots of new cake decorating techniques that you can learn, there are new cake decorating supplies that you can use, new ideas to explore and so on.

So here’s wishing you a wonderful new year filled with great cake decorating successes and fun.  Do us both a favor and save this site in your favs or bookmarks and come back often.  I’ll be posting new and wonderful cake decorating articles at least once a week about cake decorating ideas, techniques, recipes and more.

Have a Happy New Year and Decorate lots of cakes!


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