Do you want to have your cakes stand out? Have you ever tried to paint your cake? Cake airbrushing is a new trend that can be a lot of fun.

I have often used a paint sprayer but never tried a cake airbrush machine. A cake airbrusher works much the same as a paint sprayer but you use food safe colored edible ink. Ink is sprayed through a wand, called an airbrush. With this machine you can quickly add color to any cake or do amazing designs.

There are a variety of things you can do with an airbrush machine for cake decorating. Airbrushing is great for any stencil work on cakes. You can also create borders, accents or background colors. Flowers or decorative pieces can be painted that special color without having to knead the color into the fondant.

 Airbrush Cake

An airbrush machine consists of three parts; air compressor, airbrush, and food coloring ink. Airbrushes require both air and ink to work. Attach your airbrush to a compressor to air spray edible ink. The compressor forces the ink thru a small nozzle in the airbrush onto your cake. The closer the airbrush is to your cake the finer the line. The further away the wider the spray.

There are several factors you need to consider when purchasing an airbrush machine for cake decorating. You will see the terms internal or external mix. Internal mix introduces the color in the middle of the air stream, producing a fine dot spray. External mix introduces the color to the side of the air stream, creating a larger coarser spray. For cake decorating an internal mix is recommended.

How the color is fed into the machine can be either gravity, siphon or side feed. Color is pulled directly from an ink bottle with the use of a powerful compressor or in another type undiluted color sits in a small reservoir on the air gun itself and color is pulled through with a low pressure pump. With gravity feed the ink well is on top of the airbrush and the ink is pulled down into the airbrush, requiring less air pressure (8 -16 psi). The siphon is a bottom mounted airbrush and the side feed is a side mounted airbrush. They both require higher air pressure between 20-30 psi.

The last factor is the type of cake decorating airbrush; single or dual action trigger. A single action airbrush controls the air only by pushing down on the trigger. A double action airbrush controls the air and the fluid.  Pushing down on the trigger controls the air and  pulling back on the trigger controls the flow of the fluid.

Because cake air compressors cannot contain oil they are generally louder than a typical air compressor. They also tend to overheat more quickly. Choose an air compressor that can regulate the air pressure. Too much pressure can blow the frosting off your cake!

Airbrushed Cake

You should invest in a airbrush machine that it meant for cakes. According to Badger’s Airbrush 101 guide you should use a dual action airbrush, internal mix and gravity feed for small home or production cake decorating. If you are new to cake airbrushing you may want to buy a cheaper machine first to try it out to perfect your technique and see if you like airbrushing. Shop around because prices can vary significantly. Air brush machines can be found at bakery supply houses, craft stores such as Michaels and also on the web. I have included below some of the recommended airbrush machines for cake decorating sold on Amazon. 


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