As everyone knows, weddings are generally expensive. So if you’re planning a wedding and are on a budget, it’s best to trim the cost wherever you can — and you can start with the wedding cake. The wedding cake is not only one of the priciest parts of a wedding, but also the one that can most easily be done on a budget. And it’s just a cake — people will look at it for a few minutes, and then start eating it. The money you’ve saved for your wedding can always be better spent elsewhere.

If the wedding venue provides the cake for you, you can ask them if you can provide your own cake, thus removing that from the overall cost the venue will charge you. Generally, a venue will charge much more for a wedding cake (which they will generally get from a bakery, anyway) than a bakery would. And you’re better off purchasing the cake from a bakery, as you will be given the chance to customize the cake to your specifications.

Wedding Cakes on a Budget

Wedding Cakes on a Budget

A lot of people get their cakes from specialty cake designers. While this might make for a beautiful cake, you can get cakes from regular bakeries that will look just as (or nearly as) nice.

Try going for a simple design. Elaborate designs don’t always make a cake more beautiful, and if you cut down on the trimmings, fondant, and textures, the price of your cake will become remarkably lower. All the extras on a cake can be very expensive — and also can generally be done without.

You can also choose to buy two separate cakes — the display cake (the decorated cake) and the sheet cake (the same cake but with a plain design). The display cake will cost between $3-$5/slice and the sheet cake will cost between $1-$2 per slice so you can get significant savings here. You can make the display cake small, and serve it to a small number of the guests, and give the sheet cake to the rest of the guests.

If you have a knack for baking (which you very well might, since you’re on this site!), you can try baking and decorating your cake yourself — which is probably the most inexpensive of all the options described in this article. But you might not want to do this. Things can easily go wrong. Every wedding needs a cake, and ordering one at the last minute can be a real headache.

You should always remember that there’s a downside to doing things on a budget. You’ll want to buy your wedding cake for a low price, but you also don’t want a cake that will make people immediately think “cheap” when they see it. Choose wisely and make sure you get something inexpensive, but is also appropriate for a wedding ceremony.

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