Cake Decorating Tools for the Beginner

One of the first tools you’ll need is an offset spatula to frost your cakes. ¬†You can see how it’s used in the video below.


To get started in your new cake decorating career, you’ll need to get some basic cake decorating tools that will help you make your cakes beautiful, intriguing, artistic and unique!

Besides a great mixer, the decorating tool essentials for decorating with fondant and/or buttercream frosting are listed below.

For buttercream frosting, go to your local crafts store and pick up the following tools:

  1. An offset spatula or spreader – Used to spread your frosting onto the cake and smooth it out.
  2. Piping bags – Lots of choices here; parchment paper, cloth piping bags, plastic piping bags and more.

For fondant, pick up these tools:

  1. Fondant roller – Smooths the surface.
  2. Small fondant roller – Used for rolling out thinner fondant for the cake or for creating flowers and other decorations.
  3. Double wheel cutter – Used for cutting fondant to make double edges for flowers, ribbons and other decorations.
  4. Any other tools you might use for indentations, sculpting, whatever you want!


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