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Are you planning your wedding or do you know someone who is? Designing your own wedding cake can be a real challenge. You want everything to be the best from the flowers, catering, decorations, outfits and even the best cake. Have you considered designing your own wedding cake online?

A wedding cake is one of the important parts of your wedding day. Traditionally, cutting the wedding cake is the very first thing that the married couple will do together and cutting the cake together is supposed to bring good luck to the couple. As a result, most brides-to-be are very particular about the color, size, taste, and significance of accessories on the wedding cake. This idea has to be conveyed to the cake decorator but problems do occur. Colors, flower shapes and sizes may differ and the end product may be correct according to the baker but it might not match what the bride had in mind.

Halve Your Headache: Design A Wedding Cake Online

Most brides have a definite design and color in mind when they plan their wedding cake. However, the problem lies in conveying that exact idea or color. No matter, how much you try to convey the idea to the cake decorator; they will have their own interpretation. Instead of struggling with a hand-drawn pattern, it’s a far better idea to use online wedding cake software that is available. Most of the programs are simple and easy to use. All you have to do is download the program and create your design on it. A few programs also offer online cake design software by which you can use the software without the need for downloading the software. A few popular free programs that you can try out are-

1. The Wedding Cake Pro can be found here. This is probably the most well-known and most extensive program currently available online. It is even used by bakers to plan their cakes. Hundreds of designs and colors are available and you can even use a pencil tool to create designs that are not listed on the software. The current base cost is $69 for the program. There is a list of computer requirements so please be sure it will work on your computer before buying.

2. We liked Designed By The Bride. The free cake decorating software is basic with limited colors and shapes. For a small subscription fee there is a huge selection of DIY tools for the hands-on bride.

3. If you would like edible pictures on your cake you might like to try Edible Artist. You can download the software at this website. You will be able to upload pictures and tweak them for using on the cake.

4. is a popular website that offers an online design tool. This is an easy to use program and it will also allow you to print the finished design. Take a look at Brides – Create a Cake.

If you are serious about creating your own cake and designing it yourself, we suggest you use professional software that can be purchased. Wedding Design Pro is the best as it has been specifically designed for professional use. You can also use an app called the CreateShake which has over 75 different cake designs that you can sort through to create your own personalized wedding cake. Enjoy designing your wedding cake!

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