Kindle Cake Cookbook

Kindle Cake Cookbook

If you are an avid cookbook fan like I am then you have bookshelves brimming with cake decorating books, baking cookbooks  and more.  When I saw Amazon giving away free Kindle cookbooks I was quick to go searching on their website.  Amazon will periodically offer free or nearly free cookbooks.  Each deal will last from three to four days.

Want to be the first to find free Kindle cookbooks?  There are several ways to search for cake decorating or baking books.

1.  Amazon search – Under shop by department choose Books and then Kindle Books. In the search box for the Kindle store enter the search term “cake decorating books”.  Sort by Price low to high.  All the free books will display on the screen. If I were to complete this search on Amazon for instance I would see books like;

 Amazing Cakes by Instructables Authors – free

 Favorite Cakes, Cupcakes & Frostings: 200+ Cake, Frosting and Cupcake Recipes from Club, Church & Community Cookbooks by Betty Belden and Home Cooking Books – $0.99

 Cake Decorating with the Kids – Halloween: A fun & spooky cake decorating project by Natalie Saville and Jill Collins

 Cake Mixes Cookbook: 50 Delicious Cake Mix Recipes & Desserts. Features Frosting Recipes & Cake Icing Recipes by Fiona Evans for $2.99

Decorating Weddings – The Cake, Venue and Reception by Laurie Price for $2.99.

Each of these books sell for less than five dollars and are available for me to download either directly to my computer or to my e-reader.

2.  Websites Hundred Zeros  – this website is a frequently updated catalog of best sellers that are free on Amazon.

Pixels of Ink – updates daily free books available for a Kindle, most books are available free for short periods of time

3. Twitter feeds – There are several twitter accounts that will send tweets about free and reduced rate books as they become available on Amazon.  In the twitter search box, type free Kindle ebooks and you will see several people with twitter feeds.  In my search I found Free Kindle eBooks ‏ @freedailybooks and Free Kindle Books ‏ @FreeKindBooks and Free Kindle Books ‏ @FreeReadFeed .

4.  Facebook – you can even find free Kindle books on Facebook.  Some choices are 4 Free Kindle Books, Free Ebook Deal, or Kindle (Free) Book Club.

As the age of digital technology is squarely upon us there are more and more options when it comes to digital literature than ever before. From books about how to complete everyday tasks to  cake decorating books, you can find just about anything in the digital form.   I have found myself using digital books more and more.  They are a great space saver and are alot lighter than carrying around alot of cookbooks!

For those that have a kindle it is exceedingly easy to find and use digital books but a digital format book does not mean that you have to purchase one of these expensive readers. You can read e-books without the aid of an e-reader if you have the appropriate downloading program or even Adobe or another flash viewer where you can view electronic files. If you download Kindle for the PC from Amazon you can download Kindle books and read them on your PC.  Amazon also has Kindle apps for your Smartphone and Tablet(Android or iPad).  It is easy to download these books and generally any downloader is going to have simple instructions that you can follow to help make your process easier.

So find some free Kindle cookbooks today!


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