Gluten-free products have become increasingly popular over the past few years. In addition to those who are allergic to gluten and can’t consume food that contains it, many have chosen to go on gluten-free diets for health reasons. Following this recent trend, many sellers of baking products have begun to offer gluten-free cake mixes. If you are on a gluten-free diet or are baking for someone who is on one, try one of these cake mixes:

betty crocker gluten free cake mix

Betty Crocker now offers a variety of gluten-free cake mixes. Their decision to go “gluten-free” was a personal one — two of their employees had gone on gluten-free diets, and their difficulty in finding gluten-free ingredients to make desserts led to the company offering gluten-free products, including cake mixes. These mixes are considered very good and have been said to taste very similar to their gluten-containing counterparts. Types of mixes include Devil’s Food Cake Mix and Yellow Cake Mix.




king arthur gluten free cake mix

King Arthur Flour sells a gluten-free chocolate cake mix. You can bake two 8″ or 9″ layers with their 22 ounce mix. It’s a popular cake mix among King Flour’s customers and their site has more than 150 different reviews of it, most of which are positive.







hodgson mills gluten free cake mix
Hodgson Mills offers two types of gluten-free cake mixes: Yellow Cake Mix and Chocolate Cake Mix. They can be ordered here.






anne byrn gluten free cookbook
When baking, you might be interested in using a gluten-free cook book, which will help ensure that your gluten-free cakes taste delicious. The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free by best-selling author Anne Byrn is an excellent guide to baking gluten-free cakes. In it she shows you various ways you can sweeten the cake and make it delicious without the use of gluten. About her recipes, she says, “You don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy these recipes. You just have to love cake.”

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