How to Find Your Affordable Wedding Cake

Choosing your Wedding Cake is probably the most important choice to make, after your Wedding Dress of course.   So now that you have your Wedding Dress picked out, it’s time to get your cake ordered.

Here are 10 steps to finding your Perfectly Affordable Wedding Cake:

  1. Look through Wedding magazines and get ideas from Wedding Cake Picturesonline.  Decide on the colors you want on the cake.  They should go with your overall color scheme or you can go with the traditional white on white Wedding Cake.
  2. How artistic to want it to be?  How much detail?  Get Creative!  Sugar flowers are probably the most beautiful decoration and really make a Wedding Cake come to life, and you can save them forever.
  3. Colors are very important; Pink is the color of love, Yellow is the color of friendship, White is the color of purity, and Red is the color of passion.  It’s actually quite fashionable to use red in weddings.
  4. Find some Cake Bakeries in the local area where the Wedding will be held.  Think about the delivery in terms of how many miles will they have to drive to deliver it.  The more miles, often times, mean added delivery cost.
  5. How much are you willing to spend on your Wedding Cake?  They are usually priced by the slice, or per person.  They can run from $10 a slice to $30 a slice.
  6. What flavors of cakes and fillings do you and your future spouse like? You can do one tier white cake with raspberry filling, one tier chocolate cake with vanilla filling and the last tier even something different again.  It’s your choice.
  7. What kind of frosting will you use? Will you want it to be done in fondant or buttercream frosting?
  8. Make appointments with 2 or 3 of the bakers to see their work, see if you get along with them, get some prices and taste different flavors of cake they offer.  You want your cake to taste yummy!
  9. Be sure to check their reliability factor.  Check online for customer reviews.  Also check around town or with the Chamber of Commerce.  If the bakery gets a lot of repeat business, then that’s a pretty good sign they are reliable.
  10. The cake needs to be big enough to feed all of your guests.  If you want to save the top tier for your first Wedding Anniversary, or to eat later, don’t count on using it to feed to your guests.  The number of guests will determine the number of tiers you’ll need in your Wedding Cake.
  11. Groom’s Cake:  If you decide you want to also have a Groom’s Cake, they are usually done in a theme for the Groom, (i.e. his favorite sport or hobby).  The slices are considered a sort of party favor for guests to take home with them, so if that’s what you want to do, be sure to have boxes to put them in.

Once you figure out the best wedding cake for your wedding, you can get it ordered and check it off of your long list of things to do.  Good luck and have a wonderful wedding!

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