How to Pipe Drop Strings, Writing & Flowers

Piping Drop Strings can be intimidating when you don’t know how to do them, but they are really a lot easier than they look.  Take a look at this video, then try to do them yourself.  Use a #2 round tip and a thinned buttercream icing for best results.

For writing on a cake, use a #4 tip.  The video does a great job on demonstrating a really good writing technique.  Then you’ll see how to make flowers on the cake with a petal tip #103, followed by stems, leaves and more.  Take a look!

Things You’ll Need

  • Frosted Round Layer Cake
  • Round tip #2 – Writing, flower stamens
  • Round tip #4 – stems
  • Round tip #5 – small blue flowers
  • Petal tip #101 – small blue flowers
  • Petal tip #103 – red flowers
  • Leaf tip #349 – Small Leaves
  • Leaf tip #352 – Larger leaves
  • Shell tip #17 – Shell border
  • Piping Bag
  • Buttercream Frosting that has been thinned with corn syrup
  • Toothpick

Piping Drop Strings Directions

  • Lightly mark the string placements (distance between strings) onto frosted cake with toothpick, spreading them evenly apart (optional)
  • Lightly mark how far down you want them to drop with a toothpick. (optional)
  • Insert tip into bag and fill with frosting
  • Squeeze out any air from piping bag
  • Holding piping bag at an angle start at first mark, squeeze to attach string, pull out while squeezing, allowing the string to drop, and bring back into next mark and attach end of string.
  • Now make the second drop string
  • Continue all around until done
  • Now you can write your message, decorate with flowers etc.


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