How to use a Cake Decorating Piping Bag

There are a few choices when choosing your piping bags for decorating your cake or cupcakes.  There are plastic bags, parchment to make your bags, fabric and some others.  Plastic bags are great for large jobs, and they can be washed and re-used.

But for piping small detail work, parchment is the better choice.  Ultimately, it’s a personal choice.  You just need to experiment with them to see which works best for you.

Putting it together:

Couplers have become quite popular because it makes cake decorating a lot easier when you need to change your tip, but want to use the same color frosting.  So instead of the old school way of starting a new bag, you can now use a coupler.  You just unscrew the ring and change out the tip.

There are two parts to a coupler.  The part that goes inside the bag and the screw ring.  Unscrew the two pieces and put the cone shaped piece into your bag as far down to the end of the bag as it will go.

Cut off the tip of the bag where it is overlaps the tip.  Be careful not to cut off too much, or the frosting will leak out and you will have a mess.

Put the cone shaped coupler piece down into the hole that you just created in the bag, insert your tip, and screw on the coupler ring,  Now you are ready to add the frosting.

Filling your bag:

For a new or clean bag, Roll the edges down about half way, over your hand.  Now with a knife or spatula, get some frosting and put a couple of scoops into your bag and fill it half way.  You don’t want to fill the bag full or your hands will get too tired.  Also, less frosting in a bag is easier to control.

Squeeze downward to get all of the frosting down into the bag and twist the top of the bag to seal it in.  If you don’t do this, the frosting will come out the top.

Hold the bag by wrapping your thumb and palm of your and around the twisted section and hold tight to keep the top sealed.  Now the palm of your and and your thumb can squeeze and control the frosting coming out of the bag to decorate!

Squeeze the first little bit out into the frosting bowl to get any air out of the tip and you are ready to go!

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