I’ve always thought that one of the best things to send someone as a holiday present are homemade baked goods. Baked goods can be made cheaply, be delightful surprises for their recipients, and have a personal touch that buying something pre-packaged from the store lacks.

But you can be the best baker in the world, and your present can be a disaster if you don’t pack your baked goods properly. No one wants to spends hours making cookies, and then have them arrive in the recipient’s mailbox in broken pieces. So I’ve provided some tips that you can follow to make sure that your baked goods arrive to their destination in good condition without any complications.

1. Wrap your treats in cellophane or place them in glassine bags. Wax paper also works well. This will keep them fresh and if the recipient of the present keeps them around for a while, this will ensure that they don’t go stale. And by using fanciful wrapping, you can make your present all the better. If you wrap them, for example, with pretty ribbons or ties and use holiday-themed wrappers, you can make the recipient even happier with their present.

2. Use a strong cardboard container and write “fragile” in large letters on the box to greatly lower the possibility of the package being crushed. Use a ton of Scotch tape to keep the box secure. Make sure you write the address in clear, legible letters to prevent any possibility of your package being delivered to the wrong address.

3. Bake things that have sturdy consistency, such as shortbread cookies, biscotti, cookie bars or drop cookies which aren’t likely to break up in shipping. Don’t make anything too fragile. Even if you pack them right, things that are easily breakable will break up in shipping, and this can ruin your present.

4. Provide enough padding between each cookie (or whatever baked good that you end up sending out) to make it less likely they’ll break while being transported. Any common packing material will work — foam peanuts, crushed up paper, bubble wrap, etc. Put soft cookies next to soft cookies, and hard cookies next to hard cookies — mixing them can cause them to change their composition.

5. Put your baked goods in a tin, gable box or cooking mailing tube to ensure they’re secure and won’t break upon shipping. You can make your present extra special by using holiday-themed containers. Or even consider buying a container and drawing or painting designs on it yourself to give your present an extra personal touch. Other innovative ideas are baking pans, jello molds, or tea tins.

6. If you really, really want to make sure your baked goods arrive without any complications, spend some extra money on overnight shipping. This will ensure your package arrives in a timely fashion and will eliminate any problems that might arise from your package spending a long time in delivery trucks and post offices.

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