Don’t you adore those ruffle cakes that seem to be popping up everywhere. What a gorgeous design. I am afraid if I try to make one of these cakes the ruffles will turn into a massive mess. So I started to research how to make these cakes and learned it really isn’t that hard. It just takes some time and patience.

Ruffle cakes can be made with crusting buttercream, fondant or gumpaste. Buttercream is probably the easiest to work with and the most forgiving. You can either use one color or tint individual batches so you get a beautiful hue effect.

I have gathered some ruffle cake pictures to fuel your imagination.l I also found a great set of videos that give you step by step directions on how to build a ruffle cake.

In the next post I will give you step by step written instructions on how to assembly a ruffle cake. I am also going to debut a new recipe for Swiss Meringue Buttecream, a super creamy satiny buttercream that looks elegant on a ruffle cake.

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