Cake Decorating Business – Start a Cake Decorating Business From Home

Times are tough these days and it’s hard for some of us to find a job.  So a lot of people are turning to starting their own businesses from home.  There are those of us who have wanted to start our own business, but never tried.  Whatever the reason, now is a great time to start your own Cake Decorating Business.

Getting in the Cake Decorating Business is a good choice because even if there are several other Cake Decorating businesses in your area, I’ll bet none of them decorate cakes like only you can!  Cake decorators are artists. YOU are an artist.  And every cake artist has his or her own twist on how they work with icings, fondants and cake decorations, with a finished cake that is a one of a kind.  No one else will decorate a cake like you will!

Decorating Cakes is also about baking.  How many bakeries are in your area?  Do they decorate cakes?  Even if there was a lot of competition in your area, you need to look at it as a good thing.  This is what keeps small businesses in America alive.  Competition is a good thing when it comes to small businesses.

You don’t need to rush into it.  You can start off slow by creating cakes for family members and for your friends.  This will get you not only the practice, but you can take pictures of each one and build your portfolio.  As you get better, you can start to charge for your cakes.  And believe me, people will be more than willing to pay you for them!

When your skills are polished, and as you begin to build a good reputation in your area, you can start to get your business off the ground.  The Cake Decorating Business can be the most fun and lucrative businesses you could ever start and I would encourage you at this point to go forth and prosper!  :)

Your creative cakes can someday be the best in your city and can be a very profitable full time business IF, you are up to the challenge.  The possibilities of your designs are endless and your skills will continuously improve as your reputation grows by word of mouth alone!

All you need to do is develop your baking and cake decorating skills, learn about what it takes to run a small business and you’ll be ready to go.  If you’d like to take Cake Decorating Classes, there are plenty of options for you.  You can take online classes, classes offered by Wilton at your favorite crafts store, or take a class at a specialty college.

Tips to Starting a Cake Decorating Business

  • Do your research on taxes and health regulations as well, and find out what is required by you. These regulations will vary between states and countries, but are basically the same principle. Be sure to look into this early on so that you are meeting the requirements as you get started.
  • Keep a detailed report of all of your transactions, receipts and your expenditures so that you can claim them.  It would also be a good thing for you to find a tax person you can talk to to find out exactly what you can claim.  If you’ll be working from your home, which most of you will, at least in the beginning, you may be surprised to find out that a good percentage of your mortgage could be claimed, as well as a deduction from your power bill and phone expenses.
  • Take photos of all of your cakes not only when finished, but as you decorate them to capture the stages of cake decorating.  Your customers will want to see this in your portfolio as well as prosepective customers and any promotional material, website, etc.  Keep your portfolio updated with a wide variety of cakes and your latest creations.
  • When you make a cake for an event like a wedding, anniversary party or community event, talk to your customer about getting copies of the photos that their photographer takes of the cake.  This is common practice so most photographers will not have a problem with you using their photos.  After all, this is an advertising opportunity for them.  Having good photographers in your network of wedding contacts can be used in your promotional materials and website as well.
  • Work on your promotions and ads.  There are lots of ways to advertise your business for free both online and off.  Be sure to advertise both your cakes and yourself.  You can make brochures, business cards, a website and anything else that will spread the word about your Cake Decorating Business.  Of course every cake you make will be an advertisement in and of itself!  One thing you can do is when you deliver a cake, be sure to leave some business cards with your client for the people attending the event.  If someone asks, she can give them your card.  You can also put up a new ad on Craigslist every week.
  • For your website, you’ll need to be sure it is optimized for the search engines or no one will ever find it.  Your webmaster should be able to help you with that.  But if you need help, you can also contact me with questions.
  • Word of mouth is the best way to help your business grow, and as you make cakes for your friends, family and clients, your popularity will grow over time, as your name becomes more popular to the public.

Your Cake Decorating Business Website

  • I mentioned using a website as part of your arsenal of advertising.  These days, a website is a must have.  It’s great for a portfolio of your photos and general information about your business.  Anyone who is even thinking of ordering a cake will turn to the internet first, to look for cake decorators, cakeries and the like.
  • They want to be able to see photos of the cakes you have made.  But building a website can cost you plenty, so be careful to do plenty of research on how you will go about this.
  • I’d like to say right here that I too, can build your website.  Yes, I’m not only a Cake Decorator but I’m also a Web Designer and since you are reading this, I will be happy to give you a special low price.  Just send me an email from the Contact Us page and I will be happy to answer your questions and build your website if you so choose.

Keep up with the Trends

  • Keep up with the latest trends in cake decorating while remembering the traditional designs as well.  Having a wide design range will take your business further than if you keep your designs limited to just fondant cakes, or just buttercream cakes.
  • The wedding industry is very fashion conscious and the Bride will want her cake to be just as fashionable as her gown and reception decorations.
  • The same applies to children’s birthday parties.  Stay in touch with what kids are watching on TV and popular children’s movies.  Kids love to get birthday cakes of their favorite TV and movie characters.
  • Remember who your clients are and give them what they want.

Wedding Cakes

  • Your Biggest Money Maker will be wedding cakes.  When you complete your gorgeous creation, a wedding cake, the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment is absolutely tremendous!  And the price for your hard work is a very generous payment that will give you an even greater smile.
  • People will pay you a small fortune for a wedding cake, but please don’t take advantage of that.  Be fair with your pricing and be competitive.



  • Since wedding cakes can be your biggest money maker, be sure to learn everything you need to know about creating these beauties.  You don’t want the Bride and Groom to run into any problems with your cake.
  • Plan ahead when it comes to the construction of the cake as well as the design to prevent any disasters at the reception (e.g. if you build a tiered cake on too many pillars, and don’t build it correctly, it could topple over).
  • Get plenty of training, and practice practice practice!
  • When you are confident about your ability to create beautiful professional looking wedding cakes, then you are ready to sell your first one.

Cake Decorating Business is FUN!

Last but not least, a Cake Decorating Business is hard work, but it is also one of the most fun businesses to run because you get to create beautiful cakes that taste delicious.  And who doesn’t like that? After all…how many businesses can eat their mistakes?!?  LOL  The only thing is…be careful of your sugar intake!  :)