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by Heather

Squires Kitchen Teatime Treats Mould (No 1)Shhhh……this will be our little secret!

Using cake decorating moulds are a great way to add pretty details and extra impact to cakes and cupcakes, and even better they are really quick and easy to use, so perfect if you are just starting out, or have lots of cake decorations to make.

There are loads of mould designs on the market for pretty much any item, animal or object you can think of!  But whichever mould you use the technique remains the same, which is:

  • First rub a little white vegetable fat into the mould or dust with a little cornflower; this will help release the sugarpaste from the mould.
  • Then simply push your modelling paste or sugarpaste into the mould and leave it to dry.
  • When dry turn out the mould.
  • To attach the decorations to your cake, simply use a little cooled boiled water or edible glue.

It is as easy as that!Squires Kitchen Teatime Treats Mould (No 1)

Some moulds can be a little pricey so try choosing ones which give you the most versatility. Some of my favourite ‘starter’ moulds are the rose mould and teatime treats mould by Squires Kitchen and the bead cutter moulds by FMM.

The rose mould is really versatile and makes pretty roses which you can leave plain or dust / spray with lustre afterwards to give a lovely sheen or sparkle. You can also vary the size of the rose by filling up the mould less which will make smaller / tighter roses. These are especially great for Wedding or Valentine’s Day cakes and cupcakes.

The teatime treat moulds are a lot of fun and give a vintage, kooky effect so great for Birthday cakes, Mother’s Day cakes etc.  Each mould has a selection of 3 different shapes such as cup and saucer, teapot or slice of cake which can be used on their own or as a set. If you are feeling brave you can also paint these with edible paints to add extra details.

The bead cutters moulds are great for draping over cakes to give the impression of ‘pearls’ or covering up cake joins on stacked cakes. Using them this way gives the impression you have hand piped the edges and looks very professional!  Like with the rose moulds you can also decorate the beads with lustre powder to give pearlescent effect.


So whatever the occasion or cake there will sure to be a mould for you to wow your friends with….and when they say how amazing they are, and they must have taken you ages….simply smile!



Heather @ the Cake Decorating Store

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