Hand Painted Wedding Cake

With every new year, new wedding cake trends spring up. Many designs are based on what is going on throughout the world of confectionery art, and often reflect current fashion and design trends. Some of them were so popular last year that they’ve continued their popularity into 2013. And many of them are brand-new designs that have only become available this year.

One of the newest trends is hand-painted wedding cakes. Artists will spend hours painting elaborate designs on your cake, ensuring that it’s a sight to behold. These designs are so eye-poppingly beautiful, that all your guests will be getting out their cameras to take pictures of it, and it’ll become a source of conversation throughout your reception. Using one of these as your wedding cake is a great way to make your wedding an event that your guests will remember forever.

Black-and-white cakes were popular in 2012, and are still popular, mainly because they can fit almost any themed wedding. If you want your cake to have an element of elegance, a black and white pattern will give you just that. If you want retro, black and white works well (polka dot patterns are especially popular with this theme). Striking black-and-white color contrasts on your cake can give it a distinctive aesthetic, and it’s no surprise that this trend still holds up.

Metallic wedding cakes are another new development. The cake decorator puts glittering gold or silver on the outside of the cake, giving it a special sheen. This can add a type a sense of glamor to your wedding reception that other types of cakes can’t provide.

Another trend is not to have a cake at all, but instead have designer cupcakes, which have recently become very popular. There are now many cupcake shops, which specialize in making varieties of creative cupcakes. Why settle for one giant cake, when you can have several dozen personally crafted cupcakes? Many people have also had them not used as the cake, but rather as place markers, with each guest’s name hand written with edible frosting on their cupcake.

If you want a beautiful cake that will make your wedding an event that will be remembered forever, consider using one of the above cakes for your reception. Even though each type of cake is a “trend,” each design is beautiful in its own right and can create an impression that will last a lifetime.

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