Large Wedding Cupcake Topper 

Wedding cupcakes are the latest trend among couples planning to tie the knot. Cupcakes for a wedding may strange at first, but these delightful treats come complete with stands, tiers, fancy decorations, and all the accessories associated with conventional wedding cakes. Here are important considerations for couples mulling over the wedding cupcake idea:

Pros and Cons of Using Cupcakes Versus Traditional Wedding Cakes


Generally, the traditional multitier cake has become ubiquitous. In contrast to this, elegantly designed cupcakes uniquely separate one’s wedding from others, creating an interesting talking point for the ceremony. Guests always appreciate some form of novelty from the bride and groom.

Cupcakes are quite versatile in terms of shapes, colors, and even flavors. The multiple cupcakes can have different flavors, colors and decorations, enabling guests to sample and choose their favorite pieces.

Individuals who are good at baking will enjoy making their own cupcakes at home. This enables the couple to make savings, and possibly pay for the stand and decorations only.

The couple can also circumvent the extra cost of paying for cake servers, since guests can simply queue and pick their preferred cupcake from the stand.


It is difficult to serve cupcakes to numerous wedding guests. A traditional multitier cake is easier to divide and share than single cupcakes.

Some couples may not find it suitable to be photographed besides numerous cupcakes. Typically, though, bakers prepare one large cake for the cake cutting ceremony and photo session, and reserve matching cupcakes for the guests.

Cupcake stands are new to the market and due to high demand, they can be quite costly to obtain from most bakeries.  I have shown some cupcake stands below from Amazon.

Cost Comparison

In pricing terms, a wedding cupcake idea is moot, when compared to conventional wedding cakes. Cupcake pricing varies from bakery to bakery, albeit a good oven at home and cake making skills can save the couple a lot of money.

Typically, professional bakeries will charge according to the number of cupcakes needed (the more the cupcakes, the lesser the cost), and level of decoration detail required for each cupcake. Most bakeries charge between $3 and $7 apiece, depending on the aforementioned criteria. Hence, for 100 guests, one would pay between $300 and $700, excluding the 6-8″ matching top cake for the cutting ceremony, cupcake stand or tree, standard baking fees, transportation, set-up and serving costs. Hence, the total cost of such cakes ranges roughly between $900 and $1300.

Wedding Cupcake Stand Ideas

These stands vary from serving plates to multitier stands. Tiered display racks can either be round or square-shaped; with the lower tiers holding more cupcakes than the upper one’s.

Scrolled wire or metal stands with intermittent holding areas are also available for holding cupcakes. One may also go for cost effective cardboard stands with fancy decorations for holding the cakes. Well decorated but disposable corrugated cardboard stands are another economical option for placing wedding cupcakes.

High-end cupcake pedestals are made from glass, while wooden and plastic stands are coated with Formica for aesthetic purposes.

Cupcake Decoration Ideas

An assortment of decorations is available to embellish wedding cupcakes depending on the theme of the occasion. Selected icing decorations, sugar flower details and paper cups for the cupcakes should go with the wedding theme.

Edible flowers such as pansies are ideal condiments for springtime nuptial cupcakes. Fondant, cherry blossoms, fruits and heart shapes, provide delightful ideas for cupcake shapes. Cake toppers may include hugs and kisses candy, chocolate truffles, daisy sprinkles or fondant leaves. Ribbons and laces present superb adornments for a wedding cupcake, while silver or pearl white sugar balls enhance the overall look.

Below are some sample wedding cupcake ideas.


Pretty wedding cupcake

Wedding cupcakes on a Square Stand

Wedding Cupcakes in Lace Cups

Wedding Cupcakes on Tiers

Pink Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcake Tower


Sample Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes on a Stand

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